azienda agricola zighidì

The agricultural farm Zighidì takes its name from the namesake disctrict and it is characterized by the energy of the island where it was born: Pantelleria. A hilly, windy and unique land that covers 4 hectares of spontaneous typical Mediterranean plants and shrubs: the prestigious vineyard of Zibibbo grape and the centuries-hold olive trees Cultivar Biancolilla – one of the most ancient Sicilian variety of olive trees. A story of innovation and tradition that lasts for three generations. A story made of love for the land, harvesting, extraction but, above all, made of respect for the roots of this land. Here, born products with natural ingredients for the care and the beauty of the body. Our laboratories preserve and maintain intact the characteristics of our cultivations - and of the Sicilian Nature in general - to create products with the maximum efficiency, dedicated to demanding and specific market, as the one of the pharmacy.